Lin wrote: "This is a very old children's song. I don't know the actual meaning of "Gelang sipaku gelang Gelang si rama rama". I could guess the words' meanings, but when they all come into a sentence, it seems like no sense at all…

Gelang = bracelet (probably, since the word has a different pronunciation)
Paku = nail (like nail and hammer)
Rama-Rama = Butterfly

I remember everyday at nursery school, we always sang this song while clapping our hands and making a queue to handshake and say 'good bye, good afternoon and see you tomorrow' to our teacher."


Adam wrote:

Hello Lisa,

Ive been listening to the song, trying to decipher it the best I can. It's in the Kamus Dewan 4th Edition (Malay dictionary).

I think Gelang means gilang-gemilang (glory).

Paku might be a simile/metaphor to say 'you're strong, berisi etc'.

Rama-rama might be a substitute to birds; 'free as a bird'.

I think the song talks about freedom.

b well,




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