Young Kids Learning by Cooking in School


Emanuela Marsura is a preschool teacher in Italy.  She wrote to me about how her students cook in her school: "We do cooking every Friday. We have prepared: gnocchi with potatoes, taralli napoletani, cakes and many biscuits! The Children love Friday!" 

Cooking is a great opportunity for kids to learn… they measure the ingredients (learning about Math), have fun mixing them, rolling them out and shaping the food (all good for coordination).  They see what goes into making something (a bit of Science). Finally, they have the fun of eating their creations, giving them the confidence that they can learn to do the things that adults do.

Thanks for sharing Emanuela and bon appetit!

Mama Lisa

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6 Responses to “Young Kids Learning by Cooking in School”

  1. Tomoko Says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Your website is amazing, full of tremendous ideas!
    I’m hosting international playgroup at my place in Japan,
    (It has just started though)
    found your site when I was looking for lirycs of spanish songs.
    Will visit here again!

  2. Tomoko Says:

    I forgot that I wanted to comment on your post about cooking.
    In Japan, many moms invite their children to the kitchen and let them get involved in cooking as well.
    It encourages them to think about the importance of food.
    Some kids even overcome their picky eating habit.
    It’s fun to do something with kids anyway:)
    (We always need paitiance though…haha…)

  3. Lisa Says:

    Thanks so much Tomoko! If your play group would like to sing any songs for us, or share any ideas about activities to do with kids, we’d be happy to post them.

    Happy Play Dates!

    Mama Lisa

  4. Lisa Says:

    PS Did you find the Spanish songs you were looking for? We have a lot of them. Also, this week I’ll be posting an activity to do with kids to encourage them to sing in foreign languages.

  5. emanuela Says:

    Where do you publish this work?
    Like it shows what Tomoko do with playgroup in Japan.
    Bye Emanuela

  6. abir Says:

    je vous remerci beaucoup . votre blog est tres jolie et interesant .

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