Do you know where to find the Animation for Anansi the Spider?

A college friend, Dave Bower wrote asking for help finding an animation. Here’s what he wrote:

Hey Lisa,

Okay, we saw The Lion King (theatrical version) last night… never seen it before. It’s pretty amazing, in terms of the costumes and set design. I actually wish there was more emphasis on the African music in the show instead of the Elton John songs… but that’s just me, I love Elton regardless.

Some of the sets reminded me of the children’s book Anansi the Spider, by Gerald McDermott (1972), which was also made into a short animated film. I’ve been all over the internet trying to find a copy of the 1972 film, but with no luck… it’s not even on you tube. Do you have any ideas on where I should look?

Hope all is well :)


I tried to find the animation of Anansi the Spider for Dave, but haven’t had any luck. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!


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