Old Age in the Modern World

Jack Marvin wrote to me a little about reading Eugene Field’s poems back in the ’50’s and about “old age” in modern times…

Thank you for posting Field’s poems. I haven’t read them for years and they are delightful to rediscover. In 1952 as a high school senior, I read “Jest For Christmas” at our high school Christmas assembly. Recalling that opened the gates for many memories of those times. It is a pleasant pastime for an old man, such as myself, to look backward to good memories (suppressing the bad ones of course). In olden times, old people sat by their hearths listening to the crackling logs, dosing, and remembering. Now many of us old folks have replaced the charming fireplace with the computer.

Thanks for sharing with us Jack! If anyone else would like to share their experience of senior life in modern times, please feel free to comment below.

Mama Lisa

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