Wishing – A Poem with a Recording

treeThe poem "Wishing" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox is filled with sage advice about how to make the world a better place. You can listen to an mp3 of it here and read along with the text below…

MP3 Recording of Wishing


Do you wish the world were better?

Let me tell you what to do.

Set a watch upon your actions,

Keep them always straight and true.

Rid your mind of selfish motives,

Let your thoughts be clean and high.

You can make a little Eden

Of the sphere you occupy.

Do you wish the world were wiser?

Well, suppose you make a start,

By accumulating wisdom

In the scrapbook of your heart;

Do not waste one page on folly;

Live to learn, and learn to live

If you want to give men knowledge

You must get it, ere you give.

Do you wish the world were happy?

Then remember day by day

Just to scatter seeds of kindness

As you pass along the way,

For the pleasures of the many

May be ofttimes traced to one,

As the hand that plants an acorn

Shelters armies from the sun.

Recited by Leonard Wilson.

I know you’re not supposed to change poems, but personally I think the last two lines would be better as:

"As the hand that plants an acorn
Shelters children from the sun."


Mama Lisa

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