The Song Miriam’s Muse and Musician Dave Kinnoin

Chances are if you’ve enjoyed songs by Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, Winnie the Pooh, Bear in the Big Blue House, Big Bird, Yertyl the Turtle, Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Sebastian the Crab, and Larry the Cucumber, you know Dave Kinnoin. Dave has written songs for some of the most beloved characters in movies and on television.

Dave wrote to us recently to share one of his songs with Mama Lisa’s World. It’s a funny song called "Miriam’s Muse".

Here’s what Dave wrote:

"I’d like to share "Miriam’s Muse" from Calling All the Elephants by Randy & Dave (2015 release on my label, Song Wizard Records.) It won Parents’ Choice Gold and NAPPA Gold and the other awards I entered except the Grammy. That’s me singing in the recording. Thanks very much."

You can listen to "Miriam’s Muse" below and read along with the lyrics:


Listen to Miriam’s Muse


Words and music by Randy Sharp

and Dave Kinnoin

©2015 With Any Luck Music (BMI)

and Song Wizard Music (ASCAP)


At Miriam’s recital,

The crowd shuffles in.

They all take their seats.

It’s time to begin.

House lights go down

As our girl takes the stage

With uncommon poise

For someone her age.


Then Mr. Alvarado

Lets go of a sneeze

That shoots something dreadful

At one of the keys.

Miriam watches it fly on its way

And land on the first note that she wants to play.


Miriam suddenly needs to transpose

Or risk touching something from Mr. A’s nose.

One half step up—yeah, that should do the trick.

She’ll work it out or she’s gonna be sick.


She’s made it this far, but she’s run out of luck.

Due to vibrations, that thing’s come unstuck.

And now it starts moving like something possessed,

Putting young Miriam’s skill to the test.


Since no one could decipher if what they just heard

Was awful or awfully good, they all deferred

To local art critic, Denise de Picard,

Who cried, "She’s a genius—she’s so avant-garde!"


At Miriam’s recital, the crowd finally clears.

Then at the piano, a figure appears.

Armed with the hanky he’d forgotten to use,

A mortified Mr. A wipes away Miriam’s muse.


Many thanks to Dave for sharing Miriam’s Muse with us!

Miriam’s Muse and Dave Kinnoin’s other songs can be purchased at  or or or downloads available at all the regular places. His website is


-Mama Lisa

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