Who Brings Gifts for Christmas in Italy


Gian Carlo Macchi wrote about Christmas in Italy and how the one who brings presents to children differs from region to region.  Here’s his note:

…About Christmas here in Italy I can add something. Traditionally, it is Gesù Bambino (the Child Jesus)* who gives gifts to children. But some places, for example in Bergamo (Northern Italy), it’s Santa Lucia on the night between 13 and 14 December. Some places it’s Befana, whose name comes from Epifania, i.e. Epiphany (the night between, the 5th and 6th of January. Some places, where children are lucky, it’s Santa Lucia and Gesù Bambino, or Gesù Bambino and Befana.

*In the Christmas carol "Piva piva l’oli d’uliva", in your Website, "’l è ‘Bambin che porta i belè" it’s the Child [Jesus] who brings the presents.

Thanks for sharing your traditions in Italy with us Gian Carlo!

Buon Natale!

Mama Lisa

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