What The Pine Trees Said – A Poem with an MP3 Recording


“What The Pine Trees Said” is a nice little poem about a Christmas Tree by Edith M. Thomas. You can listen to a recording of the poem below and read along with the text…

MP3 Recording of What The Pine Trees Said

What The Pine Trees Said
By Edith M. Thomas

I heard the swaying pine trees speak,
As I went down the glen:
“Next year,” said one, “the wind shall seek,
But find me not again!”

“I shall go forth upon the seas,
A mast, or steering-beam;
On me shall breathe the tropic breeze,
Above, strange stars shall gleam.”

“And I—the ax shall cleave my grain,
And many times divide;
From my dear brood I’ll shed the rain,
And roof their ingleside*.”

Then up and spake a slender shaft,
That like an arrow grew;
“No breeze my leafless stem shall waft,
No ax my trunk shall hew—

But though a single hour is mine,
How happy shall I be!
Young hearts shall leap, young eyes shall shine
To greet their Christmas tree!”

*Ingleside means home or fireside.

Read by Tovarisch.

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