Wayang Puppet Theater

Wayang puppets are from Indonesia.  They’re used in shadow puppet theater that’s also called Wayang.  Wayang refers to both the puppets and the type of shadow puppet theater.

Here’s a video about Wayang Puppet Theater…

Video about Wayang Puppet Theater

The photo below shows antique wayangs owned by Purabi Khisa.


Purabi wrote, "My wayangs… So far as I remember, these wayangs represent Ram and Seeta.  They’re Indian Mythological characters from Ramayana representing good actions. Thanks to Nana, my sweet Indonesian friend who brought them for me all the way from Jakarta 18 years back! 

Thanks for sharing Purabi!

Mama Lisa

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  1. selfishyayun Says:

    Hi mama Lisa, apakah bisa berbahasa indonesia? saya asli indonesia dan saya tadi kaget melihat ada artikel tentang wayang disini…
    salam kenal mama Lisa

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi – I don’t speak Indonesian myself… though we have quite a few Indonesian songs you might like. Cheers! Mama Lisa

  3. selfishyayun Says:

    Oh oke… i cant speak indonesia but i try write use translator…
    thanks for your replay Mama Lisa (Mama=Mum it is indonesian)

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