Video and Song Teaching the Body Parts in French

Alain Le Lait posted an animated video of his new song Des os il en faut (Bones – You Must Have Them) which helps kids learn to name the body parts in French.  You can watch it above and read the lyrics in French below.  The lyrics are followed by Alain’s English translation. 

Des os il en faut

Tu as deux mains et deux pieds
Tu as deux jambes et un nez
Tu as un ventre et un dos
Et des muscles sous la peau
Tu as une tête et un cou
Deux oreilles et deux genoux
Tu as deux yeux et deux joues
Et une bouche qui mange tout, et
Sous ta peau il y a des os 
Des petits et des gros
Des os, des os, il en faut
C’est parceque tu as des os que 
(Repeat Song)

English translation:

Bones, You Must Have Them

You have two hands and two feet
You have two legs and a nose
You have a stomach and a back
And muscles underneath your skin
You have a head and a neck
Two ears and two knees
You have two eyes and two cheeks
And a mouth that eats everything, and 
Under you skin, there are bones
Small ones and big ones
Bones, bones, you must have them
It’s because you have bones that 
(Repeat Song)

Song and Lyrics © 2006 Alain Le Lait

Des os il en faut is from the CD Parapluie which you can purchase on Alain’s site.


Mama Lisa

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  1. Mandy Says:

    I really like the French body parts video! Here’s a body parts song in English that my kids absolutely love…”The Parts of You and Me.” It’s on the Toddler World TV channel on YouTube.

  2. AA Says:

    This is excellent !

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