The Game of Tug of War


Wherever you live, you’re probably familiar with Tug of War.  Tug o’ War is a game played all over the world pitting 2 teams against each other.  Each side pulls on one end of a thick rope and tries to get the middle of the rope to cross a line.

To play Tug of War, a long thick rope should be used with a ribbon tied on to mark the center of the rope.   Then a spot should be drawn on the ground.  Then make a mark in the ground on both team’s sides at equal distances to show the line the teams have to cross to win.  Whichever team gets the ribbon on the rope to go over the mark on the ground on their side wins!

To make it more exciting, sometimes there’s a mud pit in the middle of both teams so that the losing team gets all muddy! 

Here are a couple of videos to show how it’s played…

Here’s an informal game where the side that ends in the mud loses (no lines)…

Feel free to let us know in the comments below if you play Tug of War in your country and what you call it.

Have fun playing!

Mama Lisa

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