Does Anyone Know a Song about a Lonesome China Girl or Boy?

Virginia emailed me looking for help with a song about a lonesome China boy or girl.  She wrote….

I have been trying to find a song my Aunt used to sing called Lonesome China Girl…

Lonesome China boy on a street in old Shanghai

Feeling kinda blue, what were they to do , Oh Gee, Oh Me Oh My

da da da da  ?????? lets have a little chow Mein, my darling

da da da ???  so they built a nest, you can guess the rest, Oh gee, Oh me  Oh my.

It has been bugging me for 50 years and  although I know the tune, I cannot remember the words in between!!!

When I was 6, my Aunt used to sing this song and we would have tea in her china cups (I have them now)

Anyway, a very nice web site you have.  thank you, Virginia Grupe

If anyone can help with this song in any way, please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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