Swedish Folk Songs

My Traditional Swedish FolkSongs is a site featuring scores and midis for many Swedish folk songs. If you’re looking for tunes and sheet music to go to traditional Swedish songs, check it out.

We also have some traditional Swedish songs with English, French and Spanish translations on Mama Lisa’s World.


Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Swedish Folk Songs”

  1. Eric Says:

    I have been trying to find a recording or lyrics of a song my late father sang, I think it was called ‘Swiss love Song’. It was probably not Swiss at all, more likely to have been recorded by some country singer around the 1950’s and come from the period of interest in Yodelling around then. We had a 78 recording, I don’t know who the singer was and it’s long lost.
    Some lyrics – as I remember them – ‘I had a sweet girl, the pride of my heart, we’d meet in the morning and trust we’d ne’er part, I’d let her know dearly my love was so true and the mountains ring sweetly this song, Yodel e o etc…

  2. Andreas Says:


    Just stumble uppon this blog in search of what other nationalities says about swedish folk music.
    But Eric, Swiss is not Sweden, Swiss is Switzerland, we don’t yodel i Sweden.

  3. Chris Jurgenson Says:

    Question: I am Swedish and live in America. When we were kids we often listened to Swedish Music both hymns and folk songs. There was a folk song that stuck in my head. I do not remember the lyrics just some of the chorus. My spelling is off but it sounded like:

    Kivivivivivit kivivivivit, etc. Do you recognize that?

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