St. Thomas’s Day on the Winter Solstice

St. Thomas’s Day is for Doubting Thomas, who was the last apostle to believe in Jesus’ resurrection. His day is on December 21st, usually the winter solstice and the darkest day of the year. St. Thomas’s Day is on this day because he remained in the dark the longest.

Here’s a nursery rhyme about St. Thomas Day…

St. Thomas Grey, St. Thomas Grey,
The longest night and the shortest day.

And here’s one you can say for a couple of days after St. Thomas’s Day…

St. Thomas’s day is past and gone,
And Christmas is a-most a-come,
Maidens arise
And make your pies,
And save poor tailor Bobby one.

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  1. tomas lipps Says:

    I’m told that on St. Thomas day in Spain a turkey is the traditionally cooked and served. the male turkey is, as you might know, called a tom turkey. make you wonder

  2. Louise Says:

    I just couldn’t leave without complimenting you on your delightful site. Simply amazing!!! I don’t have time to look around now but, I will be back. Your latest twitter follower, Louise

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