Recipe for Butterbeer – A Drink in the Harry Potter Books

butterbeerButterbeer is a non-alcoholic beverage people drink in the Harry Potter books and movies.  If you go to Universal Amusement Park in Florida, where they have several Harry Potter rides, you can drink Butterbeer.  Boy is it yummy!

Of course Universal doesn’t give out the recipe.  However, people have made many attempts to recreate the taste in recipes around the internet. 

We tried the following recipe on the Fourth of July.  Everyone loved it!  Kids and adults alike.

You’ll need to start preparing it about 3 or 4 hours in advance because the soda needs to get partially frozen.

Butterbeer Recipe



Cream Soda (I used a 2 liter bottle for about 10 people)

Heavy Cream (about a cup)

Butterscotch Sauce (I used a jar of store bought Butterscotch)

1.  Pour desired amount of Cream Soda into a container and put it into the freezer. 

2.  Every half hour or so break up the icy parts of the soda and stir.  Do this until it’s slushy. (Note: Don’t over-freeze it or it will lose some of its flavor.)


3.  Once the soda is at the desired consistency you can make the cream topping (to make it look like the foam on beer). First put the Heavy Cream in a bowl and whisk it until it’s fairly thick.  It should be in a thickened liquid state.  Not as thick as whipped cream. 


4.  Add about 2 tablespoonsful of Butterscotch Sauce to the cream.  Taste it to see if it has a butterscotch taste.  You can add more to taste depending upon how much you like butterscotch.  I added about 3 – 4 tablespoonsful.  I like it with a light butterscotch taste – not too strong.

5.  Pour the soda into individual glasses and spoon some of the butterscotch cream on top to give the top of the soda a "foam".



Mama Lisa

This recipe is inspired by the recipes at this site where you can find other variations of butterbeer.

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