The Gossamer Spider – A Poem with an MP3 Recording

Here’s the poem The Gossamer Spider by Charlotte M. Yonge with an mp3 recording…

MP3 of The Gossamer Spider

gossamer_spiderThe Gossamer Spider


Creature no bigger than a pin,

Most wonderful of all that spin,

An acrobatic fairy.

Nay, what rope dancer from himself

Can draw his lines, like this small elf,

Marking his progress airy.


O’er breezy downs, from bent to bent.

That slender, viewless pathway went,

Traced in some moment’s shimmer;

But far too fine for common sight

Until the sunset’s sinking light

Makes the whole network glimmer.


Now here, now there, a rainbow gleam

Floats o’er the turf in silvery stream

Of strange mysterious lightness.

Then early autumn’s frosts will strew

Each thread with glancing beads of dew,

Jewels of flashing brightness.


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