Photos of Hong Kong

I recently posted a photo of a typical Hong Kong street. Below are some more photos that my friend Ray Lee took on a recent trip to Hong Kong. You might like to see them to get a feel for what Hong Kong looks like if you’ve never been there before.

Here’s a photo of the Hong Kong skyline…

Photo of the Hong Kong Skyline

Here’s a pretty bridge…

Photo of the Hong Kong Bridge

Below you’ll see the old clock tower in Tsim Sha Tsui. This clock tower is now a historical landmark. It used to be part of a railroad station…

Photo of the Hong Kong Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui

Ray wrote, “The tram. It’s a rather inefficient and inflexible mode of transportation. However, it is deemed a characteristic of Hong Kong that is worth preserving.” Here’s a photo of a tram in Hong Kong…

Photo of the Hong Kong Tram

Here’s a store where they sell ducks…

Photo of the Hong Kong Duck Market

Ray wrote, “The bright light in the distance is from street vendors. This is the Temple Street night market. After the sun sets, street vendors open ‘shop’.”

Photo of the Hong Kong Temple Street Night Market

Here’s the Bank of China lit up at night…

Photo of the Bank of China Building at Night

Below is a night view of Hong Kong from “The Peak”. Ray wrote, “We took the Peak Tram to “The Peak”. Hong Kong Island, as its name suggests, is an island. There’s the Peak Tram that you can take to go up to the top of the island.” Here’s the spectacular view you can see from “The Peak” at night…

Photo of Hong Kong at Night

Many thanks to Ray Lee for sharing his photos of Hong Kong with us!


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  1. John Says:

    Great photos! I recently returned from a trip to mainland China (Yunnan Province) and Hong Kong as well. I took some pics that you/your readers might like. Some cool Hong Kong skyline pics at the end. You can find them here:

  2. Lisa Says:

    Those are great! Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. MAX1941 Says:


  4. Lisa Says:

    Thanks! Did you see our songs from Spain?

  5. Ray Lee Says:

    My daughter, Zia, is doing a biography on the famous architect I. M. Pei. She learned that the Bank of China building was designed by I. M. Pei.

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