1st Grade Rocks!

Miss Gellatly’s first graders show how a class can work together to create a meaningful end-of-year project. Here’s their poem that they wrote as a group. You can hear them reciting it in the mp3 below…

MP3 of First Grade Rocks!

1st Grade Rocks!

We add and subtract.
We learned all the facts.
Our field trips were cool.
Then we went back to school.
Recess was fun.
We run run run!
We did all the math tests.
And we tried our best!
Miss Gellatly was fun!
Her hair is like the sun!
I will miss 1st grade.
Hello Second Grade!

Written by Miss Gellatly’s First Grade Class

Many thanks to Miss Gellatly’s Class for sharing their poem and recording with us!

-Mama Lisa

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