Does Anyone Know the Spanish Nursery Rhyme in the Movie “Paris, je t’aime”

Molly wrote:


I’ve been trying to track down the beautiful Spanish nursery rhyme in the movie “Paris je t’aime”. Does anyone know what this rhyme is?


If anyone can help out Molly, please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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4 Responses to “Does Anyone Know the Spanish Nursery Rhyme in the Movie “Paris, je t’aime””

  1. Monique Says:

    The song is “Qué linda manito” – you can hear by clicking the link. It’s sung to the tune to “Arroz con leche”. Mama Lisa’s World Puerto Rico page has a different version of this song.

  2. Citta Says:

    where can i download this song for free? i’ve tried Limewire but i couldnt find this song. thanks.

  3. Lisa Says:

    You can hear the song “Qué linda manito” for free by clicking on the link to it in Monique’s comment. You have to pay to actually download it from that site. I’m not familiar with any site where you can download it for free.


  4. Richard Stern Says:

    Does anyone know a Latin American nursery rhyme that begins “Habia una vez un ratoncito presioso, chiquito…” Other lines are “El gato maloso apenas lo vio” and perhaps “da le un manaso y se lo comio.” Please help! I dimly recal this song from 25 years ago and want to sing it to my 2 year old son. THANKS!!

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