Photos from Japan – A Rice Paddy, Heron, Bamboo and a Shrine

Here are some photos from Japan with descriptions from Shintaro Tominaga .

The rice paddy near the river.


One month later.


“A heron in the river called ‘Ohtsu-gawa’ is trying to hunt a small fish in the water.”




“The main entrance to the shrine.
The kanji on the stone on the left side says ‘Hirohata Hachiman Jinja‘.”


In any shrine in Japan, at least one large tree is taken as a very sacred tree. In this shrine there are three sacred trees, and this is one of them.  there are sacred ropes and paper knots according to Japanese Shintoism. Every sacred tree in a shrine in Japan has them.


“Before one goes to the shrine and pray, one needs to wash one’s mouth and both hands with this water, which is also considered to be sacred.”


The Shrine


Thanks for sharing your photos with us Shintaro!

Mama Lisa

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  1. Shintaro Tominaga Says:


    I am glad that you like the photos which I took.


  2. Lisa Says:

    Shintaro, We appreciate your sharing your photos with us. It’s great to see different places around the world! Lisa

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