New Blog about Music Education called “Musicing”

Vince Bates recently started a blog about music education called Musicing. I like his thoughts on music. He believes music should be taught in schools to become a vital part of the student’s whole life.

Here’s what Vince wrote (it’s also an explanation of what “musicing” means):

“‘Musicing’, to me, means any and all human action related to music… Joyful play, I think, is integral to musicing…. people engage in musicing because it is personally fulfilling – because it might lead to increased happiness and fulfillment…. This blog will explore how music in school can become joyful and personally fulfilling musicing.”

I’m curious about what Vince has to say and will be reading his blog to hear his thoughts on music.

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2 Responses to “New Blog about Music Education called “Musicing””

  1. Soledad Says:

    hi! I´m from Argentina and I would really like to know if the term “musicing” (or “musicking”) has any tipe of translation into Spanish or if it is used in English worldwide. Thanks

  2. Lulu Says:

    Vincent Bates wrote many singing game songs and these are posted on you tube !
    U can suscribe to it!

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