Naming Customs in the US and Indonesia

In the US, it’s common for sons to be named after their fathers (though not always).  Often people will give middle names to honor a grandparent… sometimes first names too. For Jewish people, they use the first initial of a relative in naming their children. So if you’re naming the child after a grandfather named Jake, the son might be named Jason.

My husband and I gave our children middle names in memory of our grandparents.

Lin Fadelan told me an interesting custom in Indonesia: "In Indonesia, it is common for a woman to be called by her daughter or son’s name. For instance, my mother was called Mama Lin. Actually until now our old neighbors still call her Mama Lin. :D It seems that a woman’s identity ‘disappears’ in her own neighborhood as she’s getting married. But actually we simply see it as a recognition of her motherhood achievement."

Feel free to share any customs for naming children – or customs related to children – in your country, in the comments below.

Thanks for sharing that custom with us Lin!

-Mama Lisa

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