Can Anyone Help with the Song “Merry-go-round”?

Jean-Pierre Agier wrote from France:

Hello and thank you for your super site.

I have a friend whose daughter lives in the USA and one day she sang for him a song of unknown origin. He remembers some of the words but he’s not too sure of them all. On the other hand, he remembers the melody and played it on his guitar for me…

Merry go round
Merry go round, Merry go round, round, round, round
Merry go round, Merry go round, round, round, round
Merry go up, round, round, round,
Merry go down, round, round, round,

I’m sending you the link to my site where I put the score and midi tune and possibly wait for any corrections or more information.

If anyone knows all the lyrics to the song and/or if you can tell us if the tune is correct at the link, or if you can send any other info about this song, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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