Movie Recommendation – Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda Image

Kung Fu Panda is a really great movie. I’d highly recommend watching it with your kids. It looks pretty. It exposes your children to another culture (it takes place in China). It’s funny and has a nice moral to the story (one being, be true to yourself).

You can get an idea of what Kung Fu Panda’s like in the trailer below…

Beware, at the end of the film you’ll find yourself singing the Kung Fu Fighting disco song from the 70’s… Everybody was Kung fu fighting, those kids were fast as lightening, in fact in was a little bit frightening, but they fought with expert timing…

Enjoy the Show!

Mama Lisa

PS This movie is available on DVD now so you can take it out at your local library or rent it.

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5 Responses to “Movie Recommendation – Kung Fu Panda”

  1. Yuko Says:

    I just watched Kung Fu Panda “the Furious five”
    This DVD talks about how those five worriers started Kung Fu and all five story has good meaning. You can learn very cool dance of “Kung Fu Fighting Disco Song”.

  2. Lisa Says:

    That sounds like fun!

  3. Jay rogers Says:

    Is it me or seems like there is so many movies that flop these days. Unless you like transformers…. I loved it!

  4. Lisa Says:

    We recently enjoyed UP!

  5. kung fu movies Says:

    I recently saw the movie which was fantastic!! I really enjoyed the dance of Kung Fu Panda.

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