Can Anyone Help with a Spanish or Italian Song Called “Bella Mama”?

Tiffany wrote:

Hi Lisa,

I found your website on Google. What a treasure! I was trying to search for a song I’d heard of (I’m guessing in Spanish) called “Bella Mama”. My Google search led me to your website, but I can’t figure out how to search for a specific song. Might you be able to direct me?

Tiffany in Austin, TX

Bele Mama is originally from Cameroon. Nyango wrote, “Bele Mama does mean ‘call Mother’ in my Oroko language and some other languages from the Kumba area in the Southwest region of Cameroon. The rhythm too is definitely from this region. Sounds like songs I sang as a kid.”

-Mama Lisa

UPDATE: We found some more info in the comments below and this video…
(Some people spell it “Bela Mama”.)

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22 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Spanish or Italian Song Called “Bella Mama”?”

  1. azarre Says:

    me too…… some spanish songs yet found hard to get it from internet…any one might have some to sare contact me -thanx before…

  2. nicola Says:

    me too! is it a round in two or three parts??

  3. a kid Says:

    same i sang that song with my school i cannot find it. there was also another song i think it was called AYO but im not sure. it was really good. if anyone knows any childrens songs that are spanish italian or any other language and knows a website please leave a comment on here!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Have you seen Mama Lisa’s World of Children’s Songs from Around the World? You can find kids songs in over 95 languages there, just click the link!


    Mama Lisa

  5. Liz Leachman Says:

    Have you found the answer yet? I know the song – the melody could maybe be African?


  6. Jonnie Says:

    was also looking for it- found this

  7. Randy Says:

    I know the song, the words are:

    Bella Mama, Bella Mama, Oye,
    Bella Mama, Bella Mama, Oye,
    Bella Mama, Bella Mama, Bella Mama, Bella Mama,
    Bella Mama, Bella Mama, Oye

    This can be sung in a round.

    I looked online and couldn’t find a recording of it. I learned in Brazil. I’m happy to sing the melody for you, if you can figure how to connect or when I have a moment, I could transcribe the notes onto notation paper. I’m wondering where the the song orginated.

  8. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Randy! I have an answering machine set up – where you can call a New York number and sing the song by phone onto the machine and then I can turn it into an mp3. Please let me know if this works for you.

    Best regards,


  9. Mary-Anne Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I think the song comes from the Torres Strait Islands…but not sure. I have written up the song after a friend sang it to me.

    I can send it to you as a PDF if you want it…

    Mary-Anne (Australia)

  10. Lisa Says:

    That would be great. Thanks!

  11. Anna Says:

    I’ve also been trying to find this song after it was taught to us on our teacher training course. Do you have the melody as well as the lyrics you can send me?

  12. Jonathan Says:

    Did this song get transcribed? Anyone know more about the origins?

  13. rebekah Says:

    bellymama bellymama hey
    bellymama bellymama hey
    bellymama belly ma bellymama belly ma
    bellymama bellymama hey

  14. Flora Says:

    Does anyone have the sheet music for the song bella mama?

    I know it as –

    Bella mama, bella mama – hey
    Bella mama, bella mama – hey
    Bella mama, bella mama, bella mama, bella mama
    Bella mama, bella mama – hey

  15. Flora Says:

    Can Mary Anne send me a PDF too?

  16. Lisa Says:

    Mary Anne sent me a score. I’ll post it soon.

    We love to learn about what language it’s in and if it means anything other than “pretty mama”. If anyone knows, please share any info you might have.

    We found an mp3 recording here. They say it’s from Torre Straights too.

    If anyone would like to sing this song for us, we’d love to post a recording!

    Mama Lisa

  17. Joye Says:

    We have sang this song in power of hope. I am very sure its from brazil, but not quite sure.

  18. Joye Says:

    Its a fertility song some people say but im not quite sure. sang to those who are planning on having a baby or are soon to give birth.

  19. Linda Says:

    I just found out this song is definitely West African. There is a recording of it on the Smithsonian label by Mouangue African Ensemble from Cameroon.

  20. Linda Says:

    It’s actually spelt Bele Mama and means Call Mama

  21. Lisa Says:

    Hi Linda – Do you know what the language is? Thanks! -Lisa

  22. ZHH Says:

    Actually it is called Mbele Mama and the language is Swahili.

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