Looking for a Bahamian Song with the line, “Morning, good morning, how are ya this morning?”

Diana wrote:

Mama Lisa,

I vacationed in the Bahamas in the summer of 2005 in Freeport and I kept hearing this song and in the lyrics the artist sang about children’s nursery rhymes. There were also children singing in the background of these tunes.

The only words I can remember from the song are “Morning, good morning, how are ya this morning?“…and then children would chant, “It was a rainy day!” In the next verse the children say, “That’s what the froggie say!

It has been bothering me for almost 2 years because those are the only lyrics I can remember and I really like the song. I was wondering if you could help give a name to this song.

Thank You,
Diana Guercio, Florida, USA

If anyone can help with the name of this song, the lyrics, singer, name of a CD or any other information that would help Diana find this song, we’d be grateful! Please comment below.



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45 Responses to “Looking for a Bahamian Song with the line, “Morning, good morning, how are ya this morning?””

  1. Lenny Marsh Says:

    Try Taj Mahal; he is a good source for Caribbean folk materail
    Good Luck!!

  2. Brian Rolle Says:

    The singer name is Phil Stubbs or Philip Stubbs from Freeport.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I found this description at a site called Bahamas Island Music

    One of the most favorite CD’S, ever produced in the Bahamas. Phil Stubbs out of Freeport, did a song called “Stress”. This is CD is impossible to get unless you are in the Islands. Because of the logistics in obtaining, this CD is $22.95, plus shipping.

    List of songs include: Da Frogs, “Stress”, We Conch, Bonefish Folley, Wings of Love, A Bin Waitin, Every Now & Then, Nursery Thymes, Time Table (Rake-N-Scrape), Yesterday’s Done.

    Da Frogs or Nursery Rhymes may be what you’re looking for.

  4. Janeekie Says:

    Thats right it is by Phil Stubbs and its entitled da Frogs. The CD is called ‘The Story Teller’. Glad to kno you enjoyed our Bahamian music. Other good artists wod be Avvy and KB…check them out.

  5. Janeekie Says:

    I have the lyrics but its a bit lengthy….anyway

    Don’t be alarmed my name is Sam and I mean no harm, He said with a blink, “please buy me a drink, my pockets out of sync”. I’ll tell you a story, lets take a walk, lets talk ole talk. “Was raining one morning as I was walking I heard the froggies talk, He said
    CHORUS: The frog say correct on a rainy morning (it was a rainy day), The frog say correct on a rainy morning (thats what the froggie said). Good morning good morning how are you this mornin’ (it was a rainy day) It was hopping and leaping and jumping and skipping(thats what the froggie say)
    “All summer long, we been waiting for rain”, one frog explain, “Now we so happy, we gon have a party, excuse us for actin’ insane.” One leap from the pond start a talkin’ “Mista its plenty a we, once we was tadpoles now we dun’ full grown, come back to the pond, come see.” He say CHORUS
    Ask them a question, they’ll tell you no lie, he said with a sigh, too many times they may squirt in ya eye, oh he seem so high, he say i got to go now, I’ll see you aroun’, I got my load, if you need to find me to back up this story, meet me by the little dirt road. CHORUS
    1&1 (two) correct
    2&2 (four)
    3&3 (six)
    4&4 (eight)
    5&5 (ten)
    6&6 (twelve)
    What the frog say?
    The frog say correct (x10)

  6. Kristine Says:

    I am looking for the song that has each day of the week and then says no stess. Can you help?

  7. Mary Says:

    Kristine the song you are looking for is by the same artist Phil Stubbs. It goes

    Monday (Stress) Tuesday (Stress) ohhh Wednesday (Stress) Thursday (Stress) Friday (Stress) ohhh Satruday (Stress) and even Sunday ohh every day (Stress)

  8. Alyson Says:

    Where can we get this cd….we were just in the Bahamas and we couldn’t even find it there!! Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is a wonderful cd!

  9. Melody Says:

    Hi everyone…
    Glad to see that I’m not the only one who enjoys listening to Phil
    Stubbs! I got married on Cable Beach, Nassau in October of 2000.
    I purchased the Storyteller cd when we were there after hearing his
    music everywhere we went. We even played it at our wedding reception
    when we returned to the States!! I have worn the cd out and it doesn’t
    work anymore. I am desperately trying to obtain another copy…if anyone
    has a way to get one, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me out!

  10. Alyson Says:

    If you find anthing Melissa let me know!! We were on our honeymoon in the Bahamas this summer and wanted something to bring home and LOVED this cd but couldn’t find it anywhere!!! I’m still searching. I’m hoping to find one for my husband before Christmas! Thanks!!

  11. Andrew Says:

    if you send me your direct personal email address, i will send you the whole recording of this album.

  12. Tom Says:

    Andrew, I am desperatly looking for the song “stress” which I heard on Paradise Island just a week ago. How can I send you my e-mail address?

  13. Mary Says:

    I’ve been to Freeport twice. The first visit was the first time I ever heard Phil Stubb’s music & songs. My fiance & I asked where we could get it & flew into town & bought the cd, “These Islands”. We fell in love with the entire cd, learned nearly every word to every song. Two years later we visted Freeport again & a taxi driver told us Phil was a dealer in the casino. We went to the casino & met him when he came on for his shift. During his break we went outside the casino so we could talk a little & get photos & take some video. Phil was wonderful & so kind & such a pleasure to talk to. He was surprised to learn that Americans knew him & his songs & music so well. He gave us 2 other cd’s…..”The Story Teller” & “Down Home”. We love Phil Stubbs & were thrilled to meet him to say the least! I think if anyone wants to try to get his music you could write to him at the address on our cd’s: Down Home Productions P.O. Box F-41249 Freeport, Bahamas.

  14. Alyson Says:

    Andrew my email address is blondiebear_20@hotmail.com I would really love the whole cd if possible!!
    Thanks so much!!

  15. Rachel Hall Says:

    Hey I went to the Bahamas last April and have been trying to find the stress song ever since! Can u please email the song if possible to x-2o-rachelhall-o5-x@hotmail.co.uk thanks so much!


  16. Bobby Says:

    Hey Andrew, my sister went on a cruise to the Bahamas and asked me to search for “Stress” by Phil Stubbs. My email address is gobbyparts@gmail.com. Thanks so much

  17. RickyB Says:

    Yes, it’s pricy, but hope this link helps those in search of Phil Stubbs music.


  18. John V. Says:

    Hi, guys,

    I too have been looking for this CD, without success. I even tried
    calling the tollfree number on Bahamas Music’s web site (888-
    835-6195), and got some strange message about calling a new
    directory service – which I won’t do because it’ll probably just
    cuase some monster charge to be added to my phone bill (I’ve
    heard about that kind of scam before).

    Anyone know how I can legitimately get the CD, or at least a
    copy of the recording of “Stress”?


    John V.

  19. guy franck Says:

    i to am searching for the cd of the storyteller we heard it over and over when we were sailing the bahamas but now they stole my car with the cassete insite

    so if i can buy the cd somewhere let me know

    greetings from belgium

  20. Bahama Bob Says:

    Many of you have been or are looking for Phil Stubbs’s music. He is a great artist. We sometimes get some of his music at our website to sell. It is few and far between.
    The only place to get his music is in the Bahamas, but you have to search high and low for it there. We carry over 120 Bahamian Cds on our site, but Phil’s is the hardest music for us to acquire.

  21. ty Says:

    I’m looking for the words to KB’s song “Boy U Don’t Know Me Eh!” from the Bahamas. Anyone out there can help?

  22. Pat Bounds Says:

    I am about the biggest fan of Phil Stubbs that you could ever imagine. We first heard about him in Exuma where we spent two weeks and every little hole in the wall bar (Big D’s) was playing his music, mostly from “The Story Teller”, which, by the way, has Bonefish Foley and the Froggy song and the “Stress” song. We just got back from 3 weeks in Marsh Harbour and bought another of Phil’s CDs which I’m listening to right now. Last year, we were in Lucaya and I went into a music store to get another of Phil’s CDs and the girl in the shop was playing Bonefish Foley. Of course, I knew all the words and she was amazed as I look like a regular US tourist. I told her I loved Phil Stubbs and she actually said he lived close by and tried to get him on her cell phone to sign my CD. I was so disappointed that he wasn’t available. I think I have every CD he ever recorded but I would never copy it for anyone. To appreciate his music, you have to go to the islands and buy one. He was born and raised on Cat Island which is very close to Exuma and I was shocked that he moved to Freeport/Lucaya. He is very in tune to his roots and I totally admire him for that. I love the islands and Phil’s music. We’re going to Lucaya again in November and I hope to find him just to sign one of my CDs.

  23. Andrew Says:

    I studied on San Salvador 7 years ago and Phil Stubbs’ music was always on the radio. I too have been looking for Phil Stubbs cds for a long time, with no success. Extensive googling gets me to the link from RickyB, but it appears this site is no longer functional. Now, it looks like I will have to go back to the Bahamas to find this CD. If anyone finds an online source to purchase it, please email me av43050@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  24. Sven Says:

    I know these posts are from a long time ago but I figured I would post this anyways:


    Da Frogs:


  25. Joe Says:

    While in San Salvador, The Bahamas, we heard a song , I think it was by Ancient Man, titled “If I could” but not sure of artist name or title. The words went, “If I could be your mama, I would rub you down with lard.
    Can anyone help with info on this and where I might purchase the CD?

  26. AncientMan Says:

    That song ” If I Could Be Your” is track #7 on the AncientMan’s “Reincarnation” CD, along with all of his other songs released and some not yet released. The CD can be purchased from ” The Juke Box”(Maratom Mall), The “Hit Spot”(Soldier & Village Rd roundabout), “Bucks Record stores”(Wulf Rd/Market St) and “Murray,s Souse House”(Oaks Field).

  27. Klusso Says:

    Most of these songs can be easily purchased by just search for “Bahamian Music CD”. For sake of copyright and the heavy expense that each Bahamian artist has to pay for the recording and production of each song/CD, please find it necessary to pay for these CD’s or Songs. After all, everything coming out of the USA and indeed the world is protected by copyright laws. So please do not download or share Bahamian music if you do not have the permission of the artists, the record company or their agents/managers.

  28. Patricia Bounds Says:

    My husband and I visit the Bahamas regularly. In fact, we’re going again in June and will be in Lucaya. I first heard Phil Stubbs, The Storyteller, in Exuma at Big D’s Restaurant and ended up buying two of his CDs there. Then we were in Lucaya two years ago and I walked into a music store to get another Phil Stubbs CD and they were playing Bonefish Foley…one of my favorites, and of course I knew every word. The lady in the shop was amazed that I knew the song and after talking she offered to call Phil because I so want to meet him and tell him how wonderful his music is. Unfortunately he wasn’t home. We’ll be back early June so if anyone needs CDs, I’m pretty sure I can get them there in the market. He used to have a local supplier here in Florida but something went wrong and he stopped allowing his CDs to be imported. Oh well, just have to go to the Islands. And, we also adopted a Royal Bahamian Potcake who is absolutely wonderfulo. His name is Nipper.

  29. Cory Says:

    I went fishing with Bonefish Foley a few years ago. We stayed at Old Bahama Bay. He’s great. Caught a lot of fish. I had bought that CD, but lost it. My kids still sing a few of his songs. I’ll order a CD.

  30. Pam Says:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase Ancient Man’s cd? I have been looking since I returned from my vacation to Nassau.

  31. Stephanel Hall Says:

    is in need of the lyrics for the song ‘Call The Fire Engine by Ancient Man’

  32. Stephanel Hall Says:

    you can buy Bahamian CD’s from http://www.bahamaislandmusic.com/index.html

  33. Jen Says:

    I just got back from Sandals in Nassau and when we were on Blue lagoon Island at the dolphin encounters they were playing this song with same line/verse over and over. I really loved the song and it is driving me nuts now since I want to download or buy it. Can someone please help me?

  34. Rick Goetz Says:

    There is a great cover of this song by Vincent Poag – VincentPoag.com

  35. Bianca Says:

    Here’s some of the songs you are looking for. You can subscribe to his you tube.

  36. SilentBob Says:

    Well am Bahamian, so if you’ll looking for songs or names of songs or artists or new Bahamian songs then just let me know :)

  37. cheryl Says:

    Is there a site where i can hear nursery rhyme i have been looking for that song forever now i couldnt remember who sang it or anything and also there was another song i heard there back in 2002 i think it was on a Dub Cd baker boys i think it was about telling his friend not to mess with his girlfriend or something like that i bought the cd at the mall if u can help me e mail at lovebug27a@aol.com

  38. Lachea Says:

    Hi, I was also looking for an old Bahamian Song called “Faith, Hope, Love” by Kristin Penn. Would any body know where I can get/download a copy of it?

  39. Latario Says:

    Hey can somebody please help me with a phil stubbs song I’m looking for….all I can remember is him continuously saying amen at a part of the song

  40. Jess Says:

    Hey guys I’m looking for a Bahamian song says … Stay with me stay with me stay with me all night… Never leave my side .. Help anyone?

  41. Carla Says:

    Hi all,

    I’m desperate to get an MP3 of Phil Stubbs’ song, ‘Seagull Song’. The opening line goes “seagulls are my friends, they love me and I love them”. Can anyone please send this to me at Carla.marie@hotmail.com? It’s for a friend’s birthday and marks a wonderful vacation for us! It would be so very much appreciated!!

  42. Adriana Hebert Says:

    Does anyone know who sings “doctors, lawyers politicians and priests”?

  43. Mlozano Says:

    I visited the island of Freeport many years ago and there was 2 songs that have stuck with our family and we would love to find them! One is… your father’s not your father… and the other is…. pretty pretty pretty teaser. Help please!

  44. drew Roberts Says:

    I was looking to help someone out with a Sir Cay Gottlieb song “half breed” and found this thread.


    For those of you who love Bahamian music and don’t yet know of 92.5 FM Bahamian Or Nuttin, I just want to give you a heads up.

    For most of the year, Bahamian Or Nuttin plays sweet Bahamian music 24×7. Right now, due to an opportunity that Bahamian Musicians have not yet availed themselves of, that is not quite accurate…

    We are happy to assist with you questions related to Bahamian music vie our facebook page. I will try and keep checking here as well.




    If you enjoy the Bahamas, you might also enjoy these:


  45. drew Roberts Says:


    The first one is called “Shame and Scandal” (In the Family.) – You can find a lot of artists covering it on Youtube.

    all the best,


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