Summer Reading Club for Kids at the Library

Our library has a wonderful reading club every summer. This type of program is great to help keep kids from losing ground in their reading level while they’re off from school.

The kids read about 10 books over 6 weeks. They go to the library to report on each book. Reporting on the book is easy. They tell the name of the book and a little about it (little kids might just tell whether they liked it or not). Then they get a prize or fun activity to do.

If the child reads the number of books they’re supposed to, they get to go to a special event at the end. Some of the events have been: a petting zoo, a magic show, a puppet show, a set-up of those big blown up bouncy houses, to name a few.

How great!

If you can get your child into this type of program, do it! It’s fun and educational… What more can you ask for?!

Mama Lisa

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