Let’s see if any of you know this rhyme called “1st is The Worst”

Which one do you say? First is the worst, Second is the best, Third is the one with the… a) wedding dress, b) hairy chest or, c) treasure chest ?

My kids and their friends were debating this one. They disagreed over which answer is the most popular… a, b, or c. Google seems to know b the most. Anyone out there know this rhyme? If so, which ending do you say?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Mama Lisa

PS I asked my friends this question on Facebook and no one answered! Which makes me think it’s a new rhyme that this current generation says. I had never heard it before my kids taught it to me either.

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153 Responses to “Let’s see if any of you know this rhyme called “1st is The Worst””

  1. Artem Says:

    1st is the worst, 2nd is the best, 3rd is the one in the wedding dress, 4th is the one who got a new PC, 5th is the one who is very very happy, 6th is the one who is named by Mrs. Husky, 7th is The Who is kinda ugly, 8th is the one who doesn’t like potato’s, 9th is the one who is eating at a park, 10th is the one who’s the last one there.

  2. Deborah Pulham Says:

    First the Worst
    Second the Best
    Thirds’ a dirty donkey!!???

  3. Shanti Says:

    First is worst, second is best & the third is on you.

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