Obama’s Pep Talk to Students on YouTube

After all the brouhaha about whether or not Obama should speak to American students… he did.. and it’s not political at all. It’s a pep talk to kids to do their best in school. Many students look up to him, so I see this as being a positive! You can watch it here if you’d like…

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One Response to “Obama’s Pep Talk to Students on YouTube”

  1. Ed Gawlinski Says:

    I’ve read this speech and I found it very inspiring and I am appalled at the invective directed at the President. Presidents Reagan (1988) and Bush Sr. (1991) made similar speeches. Each of them received some criticism for using public funds to make himself look good. That was probably true of all three presidents and Republicans would have been well justified to have made that criticism. However, accusations that President Obama was using this to indoctrinate young children in socialist ideology and that this was the same as Nazi propaganda under Adolf Hitler was, in my opinion a new low in disrespect for the office of the Presidency.

    I think that any parent who fell for the vituperative campaign to boycott the speech should be embarrassed for having been so gullible. I think any parent who kept their child out of school in order to avoid hearing these remarks owes their children a very big apology.

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