Kids Birthday Party Idea – Decorate Cookies

Kids Love to decorate cookies and cupcakes – I’ve used this as an event at two of my daughter’s birthday parties. When she turned two I had the kids decorate their own cupcakes to eat. This year she turned 7 and the girls at her party decorated cookies as one of the activities.

Photo of Decorated Cookies

I made round sugar cookies in advance – two per girl. (If you want to cut down on your work you can buy the pre-made sugar cookie dough in the dairy section of the supermarket.) Then we prepared white icing. We made three pretty pastel colors for them to use – pink, lavender and yellow. (If it’s for a boy’s party I would make more boyish colors.)

Photo of Icing

Then I had fun toppings available for the kids to use: sprinkles, crystal sugar, M & M’s and chocolate chips.

Photo of Cookie Decorating

The activity took about 15 – 20 minutes. We wrapped up the cookies on plates for the kids to take home.

The kids had a ball!

(This doesn’t have to be just for parties or holidays – you can do this on a rainy day just for fun.)

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2 Responses to “Kids Birthday Party Idea – Decorate Cookies”

  1. yenni Says:

    it’s more important to involve the kids and let them feel important of preparing their cake, right?

  2. Lisa Says:

    This activity is good if you’re having a party with other kids – it’s gives them all something fun to do (separate from making the cake with your own children)!

    -Mama Lisa

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