Can Someone Help with a Native American Lullaby with the line, “I’ll take you where the deer are plentiful”?

Pam wrote:


I can only remember part of a lullaby and would like to have access to the whole piece. I learned it years ago when I was a helper in my daughter’s class at school, but over the years have forgotten some of the words. It’s a beautiful soothing lullaby, and I would now like to sing it for my grandchildren.

I think it was Native American Indian.

The song starts with a line I don’t remember and then the next line is:

My little papoose…

And then the chorus starts with:

I’ll take you where the deer are plentiful; I take you where the eagles fly,

I’ll take you ___ underneath the rainbow sky.

Thanks for your help.


If anyone can help Pam with the lyrics to the lullaby, please comment below. I’d also be curious about the song’s origins and its melody if anyone knows anything about that!



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