How to Make a Pretty Flower Cake – It’s Easy!

In my last post, I explained how I made a number seven cake for my daughter’s birthday. I also made a flower cake. This is even easier to make!

Photo of a Flower Cake

What you’ll need:

One box of cake mix
White Icing
Food Coloring
Chocolate Chips
Large Platter (Preferably Round)

All you have to do is make one 8″ round layer cake and 12 cupcakes. You should be able to do this with one box of cake mix (at least in the US). Then you ice the cake. If you want it to look like a typical flower, you can use yellow icing on the round cake. You can do this by mixing a little yellow food coloring into white vanilla icing.

Then you can make the cupcakes have a different color icing for the petals of your flower. Mix another color food coloring with the white icing and spread it on the cupcakes. I made them pink by using a couple of drops of neon red food coloring. Then arrange the cupcakes around the round cake on a large round platter.

Photo Showing How to Make a Flower Cake

Then you can put the chocolate chips around the yellow icing on the cake to look like seeds.

Photo Showing How to Make a Flower Cake

That’s all you need to do to make a pretty flower cake!

Happy Baking!

Mama Lisa

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