Birthday Cake Idea – Make a Number Cake for Your Child!

How to Make a Number Seven Cake

It’s time for my daughter’s birthday. She’s turning 7 and she wanted a number 7 cake. It turned out to be pretty easy to make. You can choose any kind of cake you’d like to make. Prepare it as you would normally but bake it in a 9 x 13 inch rectangular cake pan. After it’s cooled off, place it on a large tray or cookie sheet. If you’re making a Seven Cake – cut out the seven as I did below.

1) First cut out a triangle on the left…

How to Make a Number Seven Cake

2) Then cut off the bottom right corner of the cake…

How to Make a Number Seven Cake

3) Then remove the bottom corner (you can put icing on it separately if you’d like)…

How to Make a Number Seven Cake

4) Put the icing on the cake…

How to Make a Number Seven Cake

5) If desired, you can decorate the cake (or let your kids decorate it like I did)…

How to Make a Number Seven Cake

Then you have a finished cake!

How to Make a Number Seven Cake

You can use different shaped pans depending upon what number you’d like to make. If you’d like, you can draw a template of the number using the backs of your pans and paper. Cut out the number on paper first then cut it out of the cake using the template you made.

Have lots of icing on hand – you’ll need more then usual, since it’s harder to ice cut cake. You might need to put thicker layers of icing to cover the cut portions neatly.

Happy Baking!

Mama Lisa

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  1. Taunya Says:

    Great idea! Can someone e-mail the actual written out e-mail address for Mama Lisa? I don’t have MSN so I have to phyiscally type in the address from my server.

    I am looking for the words to a song my granfather used to sing to me in french, something like Chat je monge la mo oui, The cat ate my fish. Thanks!!

  2. yenni Says:

    greetings, Lisa!
    this is yenni, from indonesia. now leave in china. i also have 2 daughters. 3yr1mo and 8mo. to be mom, we need to be creative. which will save cost, but could be fun for the kids. love your idea, only at this moment i dont have bakery set. =)

  3. tyisha Says:

    how do u make to number one cake

  4. How to Make a Pretty Flower Cake - It’s Easy! | Mama Lisa's World Blog Says:

    […] my last post, I explained how I made a number seven cake for my daughter’s birthday. I also made a flower cake. This is even easier to […]

  5. wendy Says:

    can you please give me instructions on how to make a number one cake. thanks Wendy

  6. Nesha Says:

    Wow that’s great!

    How do you make number 6

  7. Lisa Says:

    Note from Mama Lisa: I learned how to make the number 7 cake from books from the library… from the kids section. They used rectangular cake pans and round cake pans to make the different number cakes. The number one cake should be easy to make. You should be able to do it with a rectangular pan. If you can’t find a book with instructions, I would take a piece of paper to the back of the pan and make a template: draw the number before you start, using the back of the pan to size it, that will help you visualize how it will come out on the cake. You’ll get an idea how you’ll need to cut the cake. The tricky part will be icing it. Make sure you have extra icing (remember you’ll be using icing on cut cake so you’ll need to put it on thick so you don’t see cake flakes in the icing).

    The number six should work with a rectangular pan too or if you don’t mind a very rounded six you can use round pans.

    Here’s a link for some number templates that might be useful.

    One simple idea would be to make cupcakes and arrange them in the shape of the number – not as cool – but easier!

  8. maemor Says:

    sit up and take note of this splendid cake suggestion. What makes me very happy and enveeus is the mushmellows on the top. around the fringes. my son turns 17 next month and i will use your kind suggests. thank you! i will have to make a 1 but maybe that will be easier two>? I hope! I only want know one things: how can you make some mushmellows stand up strait and the rest almost falling off, but still staying??? I want to know. And the other things I want knew is what size is the mushmellows- are they normal size, because the cake must be very humungous. If they are smell ones, how did you find? Or did you make your self>?

    Ok now, thanks gain for your such great ideas. It’s such butiful ceak and i hope my one can be only a liittle as good! if so I think my son will be very happy and proud. god bless you lady mama. thanks ;)))

  9. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for your kind words maemor! The marshmallows are little ones. You can buy them here in the store in the US. I think you could put them a little sideways in the icing (if it’s thick enough) and they wouldn’t fall off. I would test a couple to see if it works. It might also depend on the weather near you. If it’s hot and the icing might melt a little in the heat, you might not want to put them sideways. If it’s cool, you might be able to do it.

    I hope you can find the little marshmallows near you!

    Good luck!

    Mama Lisa

  10. Lisa Says:

    There’s a post for making your own marshmallows

  11. Crystal Says:

    I love this idea. My son will be turning 3.How would you make a number 3 cake?

  12. Crystal Says:

    How would u make a 3?

  13. Lisa Says:

    Could you make two circle cakes. Then cut out a wide C shape from both circles. Turn the C’s around. Put one above the other to make a 3 shape and then ice them. Does that make sense?

  14. Teresa Says:

    Help!!! how do i make a number 9 birthday cake. All i have are two round 7 inch sandwich tins which i was hoping to use..please help, its needed for monday x

  15. Lisa Says:

    I’m not sure what a sandwich tin is… can you give both measurements and describe it or send a photo?

  16. Melissa Says:

    Great idea how would you make a number 2

  17. Lisa Says:

    For the #2 I would flip the 7 above and either…

    1. Not cut out the bottom corner in the instructions above trying to make that the curved loop that will be the top of the #2 (you have to imagine it upside-down).


    2. Follow the directions for the 7 above and flip it. Then you just need to make the curved top of the two. You can make this by making a round cake (8 inch) and cutting out the curve. Then attach it to the 7 piece (that you turned over) and ice the whole thing. Does that make sense?

    I’d draw it out first, so you have a blueprint to follow.

  18. Lisa Says:

    If anyone makes any other numbers, please share photos with us and/or your directions for making it!

    Thanks in advance!

    Mama Lisa

  19. Melissa Says:

    Yes it makes sense.. I will be sure to post a picture I am trying it this weekend .. thank you!!!

  20. Natalie Says:

    Really, if you make a more stiff buttercream frosting, using about twice the amount of powdered sugar as it suggests on the back of the bag, you can cut and glue your cake into any shape you want. The key to frosting your cake is to do a crumb coat, a really thin coat that literally covers and catches all the crumbs. A stiff buttercream will set up in about 30 minutes, then you can come back over it and frost your cake. With this process, you can make your number as large as you want. I am making my son a large 3 for his Toy Story birthday, I will post pics after the party!

  21. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for the tip Natalie! I can’t wait to see your pics. Good luck and HBD to your son!

  22. Girls Party Says:

    I was looking for a simple idea for a cake for my Daughter’s 7th Birthday – and this is the answer – Thanks

  23. Angela Says:


    I like you cake. It is simple and nice. My kids don’t like fondant icing, it always has a overwhelming taste.

    Can anyone tell me how much cake mixture I can put into this number 7
    cake tin
    ? I found this affordable tin 2 weeks ago.



  24. Bittersweetflavours Says:

    How would you make a number 3

  25. Nesha Says:

    i was wondering how u make the number 18

  26. Girls Pamper Parties Says:

    YUMMY! this cake looks so scrummy! can you tell me how i can make the number 8

  27. Venise Viljoen Says:

    Please need to make a number 2 for a girl and I need a recipe

  28. Nicole Says:

    Great cake.
    It is my daughters seventh soon. How many approx would this cake serve.
    Thanks Nicole

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