June Proverbs

Here are some English proverbs and nursery rhymes about June…

June brings tulips, lilies, roses,
Fills the children’s hands with posies.


Marry when June roses grow,
Over land and sea you’ll go.


A good leak in June
Sets all in tune.


A dripping June
Puts all things in tune.


Calm weather in June
Sets all in tune.


Here are some French proverbs about June. They’re mainly about the rain and crops…

Juin bien fleuri,
Vrai paradis.

June well in bloom,
True paradise.


S’il pleut à la saint Médard,
Il pleuvra quarante jours plus tard,
À moins que saint Barnabé
Lui coupe l’herbe sous le pied.

If it rains for St Médard (on June 8th)
It will rain 40 days later,
Unless St Barnabé (on June 11th)
Cuts the grass below his feet.


Eau de juin
Ruine le moulin.

June water (Rain in June)
Ruins the mill

En juin c’est la saison
De tondre les moutons.

In June it’s the season,
To sheer the sheep.

Qui en juin se porte bien,
Au temps chaud ne craindra rien.

Who in June is in good health,
Has nothing to fear in the hot weather.


Here’s a Spanish proverb about June…

En junio, la hoz in puño.

In June, the scythe in hand.
(Meaning, It’s time to gather hay.)


Feel free to comment below with proverbs from your country!

Many thanks to Monique of Mama Lisa’s World en français for sending me the Spanish proverb and some of the French proverbs.

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