Introduce Children to Jazz & Swing with Kinderjazz

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Kinderjazz is a 12 piece fully acoustic swing orchestra from Australia. The band has recorded music specifically written to engage young children, while simultaneously appealing to adults of all ages. Kinderjazz’s collection of blues, Latin, ragtime, jazz, and swing music is perfect for girls and boys under the age of 12. Children love the rhythms and enjoy the instruments.

Below you can listen to their song, "Do the Latin Alphabet" and read along with the lyrics. The song is called "Do the Latin Alphabet" because it has a lively Latin rhythm.  The band said of this song, "It’s all about the beat!"

MP3 Recording of Do the Latin Alphabet

Do The Latin Alphabet
Lyrics by Kinderjazz     


K L M N O……………….

PQRS  TUV   Double U

XY and Z

Easy Peasy    Lemon Squeezy

Do The Latin    Al   – pha – bet 

Solos:   Alto Sax 1 / Tenor Sax/ Alto Sax 2 / Trombone / Piano / Double Bass/ Drums & Congas / Chickens (Vocals)

That was fantastic!

Many thanks to Kinderjazz for sharing their song with us! Listen to more songs and purchase their music on the Kinderjazz site.


Mama Lisa

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