I Know Not Why – A Poem with Recording

Here’s a poem about emotions called, "I Know Not Why" by Morris Rosenfeld (1869-1948). You can listen to it and read it below…


MP3 of I know Not Why

I Know Not Why
By Morris Rosenfeld

I lift mine eyes against the sky,
The clouds are weeping, so am I;
I lift mine eyes again on high,
The sun is smiling, so am I.
Why do I smile? Why do I weep?
I do not know; it lies too deep.

I hear the winds of autumn sigh,
They break my heart, they make me cry;
I hear the birds of lovely spring,
My hopes revive, I help them sing.
Why do I sing? Why do I cry?
It lies so deep, I know not why.

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  1. William Day Says:

    A thing of beauty.

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