How to Make Your Grammar School Class Special

image My daughter is in the 4th grade and she loves her class and her teacher!

One thing the teacher does to make school special is to have stuffed animals that the kids get to take home on Friday evening.  The teacher rotates who gets to take something special home each weekend.  The first time my daughter brought home a stuffed dog.  This last time she brought home the huge teddy bear above.  The kids are allowed to add fun items to the bear to personalize it.  My daughter added the wings.

Another item the kids get to take home on a rotating basis is a special book called Do You Doodle? 


This doodling book has "over 200 pictures to complete and create".  The children are encouraged to add their sketches to the book.  They can even add details to pages others worked on. 

Each page of the book has a leading sentence to spur the kids on.  Here are some examples…

What’s in the cave?


Give me a Tattoo


It’s tiny!


Who needs glasses?


What’s growing?


Parents may want to get this book for kids who like to sketch or who they’d like to encourage to doodle.  It’s great for the imagination!

These are the types of things that get a kid excited to go to school.

Mama Lisa

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