How to Make Speckled and Tie-dyed Eggs

Speckled, Painted and Tie-dyed Eggs

Here’s how to make eggs that look painted, tie-dyed and speckled.

1) Hard boil eggs

Boiling Eggs

2) Make little bowls of different colored egg dyes. 

You can make natural egg dyes or use food coloring.  If you’re using food coloring, mix about a cup of water with a teaspoon of  vinegar and a few drops of food coloring.  We used many drops to get bold, vibrant colors.

Egg Dye

3) Cut some straws in half or in thirds. 


4) Put your index finger on one end of the straw.


5) Dip the other end of the straw into the pot of egg dye.


6) Drip or splatter a little bit of dye onto a hard-boiled egg.  If you don’t put your finger on the end, you’ll get less dye in the straw.


You can splatter or drop small amounts of different colored dyes…

How to Speckle Eggs

Less dye will make the eggs look more mottled and speckled…

Mottled Eggs

Speckled Egg

Larger amounts of egg dye will make the eggs look more like tie-dye…


Tie-dyed Egg

Beware! If you don’t wear protective gloves you’ll get dye on your hands!

Hands Dyed from Food Coloring

Check out our pretty eggs…

Speckled and Tie-dyed Eggs

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