How are Children Cared for and Disciplined in Various Countries?

Emanuela works in a school with young kids from different countries.  She asked if anyone could help with some questions about how children are cared for and disciplined in various cultures.  Here’s her letter:

I have a special request to you and I think you can help me because you know people of many cultures.  In my school, where boys and girls are 75% foreign, We need to understand how different cultures (Chinese, Nigerian, Moroccan, Ghanaian) think about the "child".  In particular:

-How to take care of him.
-Who takes care of the child?
-What do you expect from young children and what do you allow them to do.
-What are the gestures of affection (cuddling, etc…) that you make to children?
-What are the rewards and the punishments that they use?

Thanks for your help.



If anyone can help Emanuela with any of these questions, please comment below.

Thanks in advance.

-Mama Lisa

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  1. Mr Singh Says:

    Hello ! I suggest you to teach your child in the way you want . He will learn many things from his friends . You must teach him English language which is common and everywhere acceptable . If you want to punish your child then stop letting him to meet his friends , stop him for watching TV etc. These are the right ways for teaching your child . Thanks

  2. v2r Says:

    Ask your question on

    Please take the 2 minute tour, before you ask it. (You also need to make an account first, but it is worth it, since you can use many other Q&A sites)

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