Great Link for Language Learning

If you’re trying to learn a new language, I’d recommend checking out

Users visit different theme related pages (i.e. about insects, the family, the farm). Each page has images related to the theme. You place your cursor over the images and hear their names pronounced and see them spelled out in the language you choose.

Because it’s visually based, these pages can be used by anyone in the world, regardless of your native language.

Here are the languages they have:

English (English)
Italian (Italiano)
Arabic (عربي;)
Spanish (Español)
Portuguese (Português)
Mandarin Chinese (普通话)
French (Français)
Russian (Русский)
Japanese (日本語 Nihongo)
German (Deutsch)
Hebrew (עברית)

So if you’re interested in learning any of these languages, or improving your skills, check it out!


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