Christmas in Colombia is Like a Big Block Party

Really! For all of you who live in the northern hemisphere – remember that Christmas in Colombia occurs at the beginning of summer. Starting around December 23rd and lasting through the night of the 25th a big party is held.

People close off their streets to traffic – they don’t need permits because everyone knows it’s what you do at Christmastime. They take out their stereos and dance all night.

The traditional food for this party is pork. Colombians will roast a whole pig on a spit over a barbeque.

If you’re going to Colombia at this time of year, expect a big party and loud noise to last throughout the night.

And yes! Santa does visit Colombia for Christmas as do the Three Wise Men for the Epiphany on January 7th.

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3 Responses to “Christmas in Colombia is Like a Big Block Party”

  1. Maria Abuede Says:

    Is “El Burrito Savanero” from Colombia?

  2. Monique Says:

    No, it was written by a Venezuela songwriter – Hugo César Blanco Manzo, born in 1940.

  3. Bill Todd Says:

    I would agree with you on everything except “Christmas in Colombia occurs at the beginning of summer”. It does not. Colombia lies at the equator but the part where most people would be traveling for vacation is in the northern hemisphere. It would still be the beginning of winter, but the Colombians don’t view things this way. The climate is what I would call “vertical” as opposed to “seasonal” ala the USA. In Cartagena on the coast it is nearly always hot and in the Bogota in the mountains it is nearly always cool to cold. This is the case all year round. To change your climate, change your altitude. Places are referred to as being “hot” or “cold” depending on their local environment which varies little over the course of a year.
    The term “invierno”, literally “winter” is used more to describe periods of cooler weather associated with rainy spells. These may occur at times other than December through March.

    Whatever the season, location or climate, you can count on parties, and Christmas is special.

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