Gatatumba, tumba, tumba – A Spanish Christmas Carol

Deff_-_Tambourine,_p._579_in_Thomson,_1859Gatatumba, tumba, tumba is a nice, little Christmas carol in Spanish that’s easy to learn. It’s mostly sung by kids and is usually accompanied by drums, tambourines and bells.

You can watch a YouTube rendition below and read along with the Spanish lyrics, followed by an English translation.

Gatatumba, tumba, tumba

Gatatumba, tumba, tumba,
con panderos y sonajas.

Gatatumba, tumba, tumba,
no te metas en las pajas.

Gatatumba, tumba, tumba.
toca el pito y el rabel.

Gatatumba, tumba, tumba,
tamboril y cascabel.

English Translation:

Gatatumba, tumba, tumba,
with tambourines and rattles.

Gatatumba, tumba, tumba,
Stay out of the straw.

Gatatumba, tumba, tumba,
Play the whistle and the rebec*.

Gatatumba, tumba, tumba,
Drums and bells.

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    It’s not the right english lyrics.

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