French Song – The Colors of Autumn (“Comptine des couleurs d’automne”) with mp3 Recording in French

The trees are beautiful in New York right now. I keep seeing vivid orange, yellow and red trees. I thought this would be a good time to post the beautiful French song Colors of Autumn – Comptine des couleurs d’automne.

Colors of Autumn

I know a tree
It’s bare
For in the autumn
The leaves fell down.

They were turning yellow,
Brown and orange
Green, burgundy red
And even golden.

Here’s the French version (sung to the tune of J’ai un gros nez rouge)…

Comptine des couleurs d’automne

Je connais un arbre
Qui est dénudé
Car pendant l’automne
Les feuilles sont tombées.

Elles devenaient jaunes
Brunes et orangées
Vertes, rouge-bordeaux
Et même dorées.

MP3 Recording of the song Comptine des couleurs d’automne in French as sung by Edit’ Dupont.

Here’s a painting/collage by Monique’s First Grade Class in France.

A Tree in Autumn

Many thanks to Edit Dupont for the recording and the lyrics, to Monique for the translation into English and to Monique’s class for the wonderful picture!

Enjoy the season in all its splendor!


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  1. Emily Says:

    I’m doing a school project and i need the history of this song. Do you know where i can get this information.
    Thank You very much!

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