French Self Taught – Online Book and Recordings


French Self-Taught, by Franz J. L. Thimm (1905) was just posted on Librivox with mp3 recordings.  (You can listen to it streaming on Internet Archive if you prefer a player.)  You can also read the book online while playing the recordings in the background.

The recordings are broken down by chapter on subjects ranging from French pronunciation and vocabulary to easy expressions.

Each word is said in English and repeated in French.  So if you’re French, you can use these recordings to brush up on your English (though it would be backwards with the English first and the French second).

Check it out if you’d like to learn French (or English for a French speaker) or just brush up on your accent or vocabulary.

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  1. Betsy Diamant-Cohen Says:


    I noticed in the Israeli song video, you asked if the child was singing a second song after the Itsy Bitsy spider, and the answer is YES!

    It is a very popular song for preschoolers in Israel. Below is the transliteration and the translation:

    Ha auto shelanu gadol v’yarok
    Ha auto shelanu nosaya rahok.
    Baboker nosaya, ba’erev hu shav.
    Movil m’tnuva batzeem v’chalav.

    Our car is big and green
    Our car drives very far.
    In the morning, our car leaves,
    But in the evening, it returns….
    Bringing us eggs and milk from Tnuva (the dairy cooperative)

  2. Monique Says:

    Betsy or anyone out there, could you please provide the Hebrew lyrics to the song so that we can post it on Mama Lisa’s World Israel page? Thanks!

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