Festival Interceltique de Lorient (Inter-Celtic Festival of Lorient)


The Festival Interceltique de Lorient (Inter-Celtic Festival of Lorient) is an annual Celtic festival that takes place in the city of Lorient in France every August. It lasts 10 days and is dedicated to Celtic culture around the world. People come from Celtic regions in Brittany, France and from other countries and regions, such as Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Galicia (Spain) to partake in the festivities.  Celtic music, dance, and the arts are celebrated at the festival. People can also sample food from Brittany.

The festival begins with a traditional Breton seafood meal. Sea shanties are sung and traditional Breton nautical music.

On the first Sunday morning there’s a parade called Grand Parade of Celtic Nations with over 3,500 people from Celtic regions around the world. They show of their traditional costumes, music and dance.

Throughout the festival you can see concerts and watch folk dances! At night you can see fireworks. It’s a great way to experience Celtic culture.

Photo of Parade:  La Kevrenn Alre, lors du festival interceltique de Lorient 2009 by Jérémy Kergourlay – Own work, CC BY-SA.

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