Early Cajun Creole Children’s Songs & Traditional Songs


Wade Falcon from the blog Early Cajun Music wrote to us from Louisiana about early Cajun Creole Children’s Songs and Traditional Songs, starting with the song Saute Crapaud…

Saute Crapaud (Jump Frog). You’ve uncovered this. You also have “Clementine” on your site, a French song with Spanish influence.

A) Many of these songs come in the form of lullabies. Some of them are so ancient, I’ve only seen them referenced in articles with titles. Many come from the Afro-Creole heritage, much from New Orleans.

Gue Gue Solingaie. Afro-Creole lullaby.

Rabbit Stole The Pumpkin.
1st recorded in 1929 by John Bertrand. No lyrics.

La Cravat – Video Here
First recorded by Louis Noel in 1949. He’s backed up Happy Fats, Doc Guidry, and others.

First recorded by Louis Noel in 1949. He’s backed up Happy Fats, Doc Guidry, and others.

Fais Do Do

Momzelle Zi Zi an ancient Louisiana Creole song

Tan Patate La Tchuite (French song with Spanish influence)

Other songs referenced but not heard are “L’Armours Marianne”, “Selim To Quitte La Plaine”, “Vous T’e In Morico”, “Zozo Mokeur”

Many of these are listed in Mina Monroe’s “Bayou Ballads

B) Many became children’s tunes later due to the nature of the fun lyrics.

Mosquito Ate Up My Sweetheart (More about it here – video here)

C) Of course, Cajuns covered other popular children’s tunes, and sung them in French.
Where, Oh, Where Has My Little Dog Gone.

Hope this helps.


Many thanks to Wade Falcon for sharing this with us! -Mama Lisa

You can find our collection of Cajun Creole Songs here.

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