Does Anyone Know the Poem Called “”When the Moon was Blue””?

Caryn wrote:

Dear Mamma Lisa

While reading some fanfiction I came across this child’s rhyme that I thought was really beautiful. Unfortunately the author of the fiction piece couldn’t recall the name of the author of the poem. I was hoping you could help me find the full poem. I think the name of the piece is “When the Moon was Blue” but I’m not really sure. Had a look around your site and it didn’t seem like you already had it, so I hope this isn’t a waste of time. I’ve written the two verses below that were included in the fanfiction I read.

“When the moon was blue
The sea was made of lemonade
And my boat was a raspberry bun
And all the trees were golden cheese
Which melted in the sun
My wooden bed was a rocket instead
And took off one afternoon
On a very long flight that lasted the night
And landed me on the moon”

Hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance.

If anyone can help out with this poem, please comment below.

Thanks! Lisa

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12 Responses to “Does Anyone Know the Poem Called “”When the Moon was Blue””?”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Lisa, that poem is by Enid Blyton, it was my favourite book as a kid and now that I have my own daughter I’m trying to find a copy of it!

  2. Julz Says:

    hi, i have the book at home and the poem was written by Joy Cowley, illustrated by kelvin Hawley. The name of the book is “When the moon was Blue”.

    Hope this helps Caryn! :)

  3. shayne Says:

    I went to school in a swimming pool
    with a teacher who was a seal.
    I was dressed up in a banana skin
    with a hat of orange peel.
    my house had feet and and roamed the steet
    to a different place each night.
    it got up and ran from the garbage man
    and gave him a terrible fright…

    I can’t remember the rest…I’ll find it later…

  4. David Says:

    When the moon was blue
    the sea was made of lemonade
    and my boat was a rasberry bun

    All the trees where golden cheese
    which melted in the sun

    I went to a school in a swimming pool
    with a teacher who was a seal

    I dressed up in a banana skin
    with a hat of orange peal

    My house had feet and roamed the street
    to a differant place each night

    It got up and ran passed the garbage man
    and gave him a terrible fright

    All kinds of flowers rained for hours
    until the city looked like a fair

    People had roses under their noses
    and daffodils in their hear

    I was alowed to choose some special shoes
    which walked on walls and ceilings

    I went up like a fly 10 storries high
    it was a fantastic feeling

    My wooden bed was a rocket ship instead
    and it took off one afternoon

    On a long flight which lasted the night
    and landed me on the moon

    When the moon was blue.

    If anyone can tell me where to find, or who wrote this poem I would be very greatful!

    What I have written is all from memory of my mother reading it to me as a child.

    I now tell it to my son but without the book.


  5. david turner Says:

    does any one know any more verses or the book title

  6. Jenny Says:

    this is awesome, this was my daughters favorite book, she’s now 20 and has been trying to find it again to put in her collection (her Dad threw all her books etc out), so i’m totally rapt that we now have the author, it was a wonderful book and she still remembers every word. Thank you so much. :)

  7. Rachel Says:

    The book was by Joy Cowley by Jellybean publishers. The title was ‘when the moon was blue’. It was part of a series including ‘the kangaroo from woolamaloo’, ‘the yuckadoos’ and ‘timothy flynn’. All were fantastic childrens books.

  8. Lisa Says:

    I found two books called When the Moon Was blue:

    TELL-A-STORY BOOK When the Moon was Blue and other stories by Enid Blyton (Author)


    When The Moon Was Blue by Cowley Joy

  9. Kathy Says:

    David from 2009, you have made my day. My 3 kids (& me of course) absolutely loved this book from the library but we never bought it. Thank you :-)

  10. Adrienne Cameron Says:

    Loved the book. I must have read it to my girls a hundred times. I still have it. I could never throw it out.

  11. sara Nevins Says:

    I have the book, my favourite book as a child. My dad had kept it.

  12. Lucy Says:

    I have the book too – it was a childhood favourite and now my son enjoys it too. It’s such a cute book, I love the drawing of the town covered in flowers and the look on the garbage-man’s face is priceless.

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