Does Anyone Know a Song about the Rain with the Line, “On each foot, I put a boot”?

Lynn Carr wrote asking for help with a childhood song….

Dear Mama Lisa,

My mother recalls us singing a song in our childhood that we learned in school. She would love to find the tune, but we cannot find the song anywhere on the Internet.

All she can recall of the lyrics are the following:

On each foot, I put a boot…
And go outside and pitter patter…

I realize it’s sketchy, but I sure would love to find the rest of the lyrics and tune for her 85th birthday approaching.

With thanks,

Lynn Carr​

If anyone can help with this song, please let us know in the comments below…

Thanks! Mama Lisa

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22 Responses to “Does Anyone Know a Song about the Rain with the Line, “On each foot, I put a boot”?”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Pitter Pat Pitter Pat
    It’s a rainy day
    Pitter Pat Pitter Pat
    I’ll go outside to play
    I’ll grab my coat and bumbershoot
    On each foot I’ll put a boot
    Grab my coat and grab my hat
    And go out in the pitter pat

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for the song lyrics Nancy! Would you know where it comes from?

  3. Nancy Says:

    We sang this in elementary school. I seem to remember that it was in a song book, but since that was over 60 years ago I don’t remember anything about the book. I guess the song has just been lurking around in my head for awhile.
    I do remember the tune and could perhaps work out the notes.

  4. Lisa Says:

    That would be great! Thanks Nancy!

  5. Lynn Says:

    Nancy, thank you so much for filling in the blanks on the lyrics and for taking the time to post!

  6. Andrew F. Says:

    “Bumbershoot?” I think that’s a Pittsburgh term. Where was this song? I vaguely remember a song like this in Ohio.

  7. Sue Says:

    Wow, thanks so much for both the question and the answer. I have been trying to remember this song, and no one else in my family seemed to remember it. I sang it all the time.

  8. Lynn Says:

    @Andrew, we would have sung it in elementary school in Maryland or Virginia (U.S.).

  9. Cindi Says:

    Thank you for remembering that. I ve been singing it but would just hum the words i could not remember. Bumbershoot was stuck in my head.

  10. Suzanne Says:

    This is the song “Pitter Pat” from a post WWII nursery songbook called My Picture Book of Songs by Alene Dalton and Erla Young. It was re-printed in 1980, and still available on Amazon. It’s my favorite childhood song to this day. Enjoy. 😊

  11. Lynne Says:

    Have loved this song for many years. Learned it as an adult but all our children know it. My 45 year old son just ask about it so he can teach it to his little boy & because it’s pouring down rain right now.

  12. Carol Scott Says:

    Pitter pat, pitter pat
    It’s a rainy day.
    I’ll dress up nice and warm
    And go outside to play
    I’ll get my coat and bumberchute
    on each foot I’ll pull a boot.
    Get my scarf and grab my hat
    And go out in the pitter pat

  13. Lisa Hinkle Says:

    I love that song. Trying to find it on You Tube to share with some little ones, but haven’t found it yet. I remember it from Kindergarten 1963

  14. Bette Solomon Says:

    Thank you thank you. I have loved that little song and sung it to my grandchildren- but there were a few phrases I was making up. So happy to know the real words. Is it on YouTube? I am a musician and the tune is
    Firmly engraved in my brain.

  15. Jacob Says:

    Soooo… I’m a few years late to this pitter pat party but here’s the link to the book that has that children’s song! :)

    “My Picture Book of Songs Songbook (50th Anniversary Edition) – Deseret Book”

  16. Maria Bucevac Says:

    Oh my gosh! I was just singing this and was missing a couple of words! Thanks for filling them in!

  17. Robert Says:

    While driving my granddaughter to preschool this morning in the rain, I remembered learning this song in kindergarten and sang it to her. It woke her from morning stupor and she begged for me to sing it over and over again. She loves the word bumbershoot and she shouts it out each time we get to that part.
    So charming!

  18. louise stern Says:

    i’m looking for an old poem like this too. Love the pitter pat song, but I have these few lyrics stuck in my head: buckle shoes, bow shoes, pretty pointed toe shoes. Strappy, cappy low shoes, let’s have some to try. I grew up in Oklahoma if that helps anyone. Thanks Louise

  19. Phyllis Says:

    I remember a song that had “Put up…your bumbershoot! Illinois in the late sixties

  20. Mary Yetter Says:

    Pitter pat, pitter pat
    It’s a rainy day.
    I’ll dress up, snug and warm, and go outside to play.

    I’ll wear my coat and bumbershoot,
    On each foot I’ll put a boot
    Pitter pat, pitter pat
    And I’ll go out and pitter pat!

  21. Erin Jensen Says:

    I have the songbook. These were songs we sang in Mormon primary. The book is: “My Picture Book of Songs” by Alene Dalton, Myriel Ashton, and Erlanger Young.
    It’s from Osmond Publishing Company in Salt Lake City Utah.

    The 23rd printing date is 1980.
    ISBN: -89888-016-5

  22. GM Vitale Says:

    I never forgot this charming children’s song & searched for it many times. I first heard it in Kindergarden of 1959 – I NEVER FORGOT IT
    The teacher, Mrs Wolfe, was a middle age lady & quite talented, she would play the piano & sing & taught the song to us:

    Pitter Pat! Pitter Pat!
    It’s a rainy day
    I’ll dress up, snug & warm &
    go outside to play

    I’ll get my hat & bumbershoot
    On each foot I’ll put a boot
    Get my coat & get my hat &
    go out in the pitter pat!

    Those were the days…… Thank you, Mrs Wolfe!

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