Can Anyone Help Find a French/English Kids Album?

Kimberlee Hicks wrote asking for help finding a record from her childhood. Here’s her email:

In the early 80’s, my mother checked a record out of the library that had songs with both French and English lyrics. There were two voices, male and female. Some of the songs I remember include (and forgive me if I only have lyrics instead of names):

– The Shepherdess Song (“Hurry your lambs was”) both English and French.
– Little Ship, or Away, Away (“There was a ship that went a’sailing”) English
– The Bridge to Avignon (“All are dancing, all are dancing…”) English and French
– and I honestly only remember a fragment of one that went “My sheep! My sheep!” Something about dancing and then piping my sheep.

I know this is a long shot but I would love to know what this album was and find it again for myself and my mother. I’m guessing it’s anytime through the 60’s-80’s?

Any thoughts you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


Kimberlee Hicks

If anyone can help with info about this album, please let us know in the comments below…

Thanks! Mama Lisa


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5 Responses to “Can Anyone Help Find a French/English Kids Album?”

  1. Michele Blaine Says:

    the song to Avignon….and forgive me for the spelling…..
    Sur le pon d’Avignon, lons l’y dancer ons y dancer, sur le pons d’Avignon, on y dancer tout a rond.
    Les monsieur font comme si, Les madames font comme sa. Sur le pon d’Avignon l’on y dancer on y dancer sur le pon d’Avignon l’ons y dancer tout a rond.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Here are the lyrics Michele:

    Sur le pont d’Avignon
    On y danse, on y danse
    Sur le pont d’Avignon
    On y danse tout en rond.

    1 Les beaux messieurs font comme ça
    Et puis encore comme ça.


    2 Les belles dames font comme ça
    Et puis encore comme ça.


  3. Adele Says:

    Could it be this album?

  4. Ezra Says:


    Can Anyone Help Find a French/English Kids Album?

  5. Molly Whedbee Says:

    We loved that record growing up! It’s called “Songs Children Sing in France” by Bob and Louise DeCormier.

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