Does Anyone Know a Japanese Song called “Kouma” about Teddy Bears ?

I recently received this email:

Hi… don’t know if you would be able to help me.. but I’m looking for a Japanese song about Teddy Bears – I was told the title is KOUMA – but can’t seem to find it on the net.

Would you know where I can locate this video?

Thank you
Providencia Morillo

If anyone can help with the lyrics to this song or if you know where to find the video, please comment below.



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8 Responses to “Does Anyone Know a Japanese Song called “Kouma” about Teddy Bears ?”

  1. Cami Says:

    If the song is Kuma chan about the bear it’s on the CD that comes with the sing ‘n learn Japanese set.

  2. kyttn Says:

    r u sure it’s not KUMA; as in bear? found a # of songs by googling “kuma song”.

  3. Lisa Says:

    That you for pointing out that “bear” in Japanese is commonly spelled as kuma in Romanji.

    There is a famous Japanese song right now called “Boku wa Kuma” (???????, “Boku wa Kuma” lit. I’m a Bear) by Hikaru Utada.

    Boku wa Kuma Japanese Bear Song CD Cover

    You can find the full lyrics to Boku wa Kuma on Wikipedia.

    Here’s the 1st verse from Wikipedia:

    Romaji Lyrics

    Boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma
    Kuruma ja nai yo kuma kuma kuma
    Arukenai kedo odoreru yo
    Shaberarenai kedo utaeru yo
    Boku wa kuma kuma kuma kuma

    English Translation

    I am a bear bear bear bear
    I am not a car bear bear bear
    I can’t walk but I can dance
    I can’t talk but I can sing
    I am a bear bear bear bear

    Is this what you’re looking for?


  4. ???????? Says:

    Does anyone know a song that goes like this? Yosomio capa ena enta yosomio the doorist eea ente?

  5. secret Says:

    does any one know a good song aboud best friends forever?

  6. Mermer Says:

    does anyone know the notes for okino kuri no kino shita de?

  7. jean Says:

    just type in kouma in ” marks

  8. jean Says:

    its a really catchy song

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